Medical device installation, service and repair

Luso Services provide a comprehensive medical device service and repair program to support our customers, medical device manufacturers and local distributors in managing the installation and ongoing medical device maintenance requirements.

With holoassistance through Optip technology our technicians provide immediate remote service.

Our team of highly qualified engineers has the skills, experience and training required to ensure that medical equipment is maintained in excellent working order.

Luso Services invests time in undertaking in-depth training with medical device manufacturers to understand the complexities of their products and ensure that all work is completed to the highest standards and to the manufacturers’ specifications.

The easy way to service and training

The holopresence technology for service, technical assistance and training at distance.

Optip is an integrated communication technology in remote that allows an holopresence interaction among several users.


Holohealth: for telemedicine consultancy and training services.


Holoassistance: user and expert see at the same time the equipment and information as if the technician was by his side.


Holotraining: to offer educational training solutions.

Optip system consists of:

Mixed Reality viewer

Application for smartphones/tablet

Desktop application

Back-end for interaction management

Distances reset and time optimization

Processes improvement: the user has always access to the latest instructions

Service costs reduction

Revenue increase: faster, better service to improve customer satisfaction

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