Luso supports also in Service and Repair

Jul 27, 2022news

Luso has the capability of providing service and repair support for medical equipment.

We have access to qualified engineers to ensure equipment is  installed and maintained  correctly.

We can provide training to end users with guidance from the manufacturer to ensure that all our work is performed to the highest standards and in line with manufacturers’ specifications.

We offer live support and immediate remote assistance through Optip technology.

Does your company need support?

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Luso Services at ECR 2024

Luso Services at ECR 2024

We'll be at ECR 2024 in Vienna this week! Want to discover how our sourcing and spare parts management services can enhance your medical business?  Drop us a message to book a meeting with us or contact us on:

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ETS™ in a new operating room

ETS™ in a new operating room

EqueTom Surgical (ETS™), the mobile self-shielded equine CT scanner, is set to improve the quality of surgery in a new operating room. We’re excited to share some photos of it in use shortly! To learn more about how the ETS™ machine works, contact:...

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