Luso Services visits Orimtech, Chicago, IL, USA

Feb 9, 2023news

We recently visited our partner, Orimtech in Chicago IL USA.
Orimtech is a medical technology company, with a wide experience in design and development of digital x-ray imaging scanning devices used in used in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.
This is the production site where Edamis, the dual arm multi-modality imaging system for equines and Monami, the new robotic arm to scan companion animals are manufactured.
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Luso Services at ECR 2024

Luso Services at ECR 2024

We'll be at ECR 2024 in Vienna this week! Want to discover how our sourcing and spare parts management services can enhance your medical business?  Drop us a message to book a meeting with us or contact us on:

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ETS™ in a new operating room

ETS™ in a new operating room

EqueTom Surgical (ETS™), the mobile self-shielded equine CT scanner, is set to improve the quality of surgery in a new operating room. We’re excited to share some photos of it in use shortly! To learn more about how the ETS™ machine works, contact:...

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