EqueTom Surgical (ETS) at Milano Vet Expo 2023

Feb 17, 2023Equine Surgical CT

We are excited to announce that the EqueTom Surgical (ETS), (the first portable self-shielded CT scanner for equine and companion animals) will be making an appearance at the Milan Vet Expo 2023 on 4th-5th March 2023.
ETS can be carried into the operating room as a support of the surgery workflow.
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Logicall Fulfilment at our Milton Keynes warehouse

Logicall Fulfilment at our Milton Keynes warehouse

Today our partner Logicall Fulfilment visited us at our Milton Keynes warehouse. Thank you Mark and Marco for your time and the interesting discussions. Luso Services offers a complete supply chain solution from warehouse’s in the UK and Netherlands, providing...

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Edamis at Equitom Equine Clinic

Edamis at Equitom Equine Clinic

Luso Vet and Orimtech collaborated with Equitom Equine Clinic to tackle a persistent lameness issue in horses. They employed a cutting-edge robotic CT-scanner named Edamis, which proved to be highly effective in addressing the problem. Additionally, they transformed...

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